Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Celebrating a new album release in a room of silence...

As of about an hour ago, I released my first "official" project in nearly 3 years...woah. Long gone are the drunken album release parties, sweaty hands pointed towards the sky as if they're greeting who or whatever they deem as God. I've said goodbye to the texts and phone calls congratulating me on my accomplishment as a musician, and have felt more scorn in the recent years for not "manning up" and getting a "real job" in the "real world" with the rest of the "adults." This also marks the first album where I did not have a album release party to commemorate the occasion. Instead, I opted for a quiet night at the homestead, spending my time uploading the album to the internet and ordering some physical copies on CD for the fans who still want that particular form of media for their music consumption.

This is also my first blog in quite some time. I'm not writing with much intention, just to more or less send The Boomjacks (Who produced the album in its entirety) and I some words of encouragement for a job well done. I am so blessed to have friends like The Boomjacks who believe in me as a lyricist and trust that I'll do justice to their beats. I'm proud we are still creating. We NEED more people to create. I struggled for a few years in releasing this new project, and have told myself on many a drunk night that after this, "I'm finished." This album carries the energy of my internal struggle to continue to dream while being slapped in the side of my head by society's need to encourage others to dive into a life of bullshit and "just accept it."

I don't accept it. I never will. I AM a dreamer and will NEVER live like them. I don't need a stamp of approval from this world any longer...that is what The Ownlife Sessions, Vol. 1 is about: telling a misinformed public to kiss my ass if they think I need to "grow up" and join their herd. I don't need props anymore to make me feel good about the contributions I make to the hip hop community. I don't need the texts, the phone calls, the release parties, the money, none of it...I just need the release...so here it is. I hope it inspires you to walk your own path and figure out what works for YOU...not your parents, siblings, loved ones, friends, colleagues, pet spider monkeys, your local salt water taffy maker, so on and so forth...and on that note, I present to you, from my heart....The Ownlife Sessions, Vol. 1 produced by The Boomjacks (www.theboomjacks.com)...enjoy.

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