Friday, January 20, 2012

New Site Design Coming Soon...

I figure it's wise to at least keep this site updated with posts so it does not appear to be dead. A newly designed site will be available soon, so sit tight!! Also, I added another album I did with some good friends under the name After.Words to my Bandcamp page. Follow the link in the previous post to download it for FREE. Love and light!

Friday, January 13, 2012

All Apollo's Sun solo albums are now legally FREE to download!

Hello internet world! It has been awhile! You may have stumbled upon this site by searching for me. Aw, thanks! If so, you can now download all of my albums for FREE over at Bandcamp. The address is: All I ask in return is that you burn as many as you can for your friends, and trade me an email address to add to my mailing list. Fair enough, right? Sit tight. Big things for 2012. I'm going to be cleaning house around here, and re-designing the site for the new year. I hope you are all well, living, and loving. Peace and light.