Monday, January 21, 2013

New A. Sun song for free download!

As a reward to the supporters (I crossed the 1,000 "like" mark) on the social media cult known as Facebook,  I have released a song I recorded in 2009 that ended up being cut from Falling Becomes Great. "The Price is Life" is a story that dives into the controversial topic of abortion. Feel free to give it a listen, share, download, or ignore. I hope you all dig it, and thank you for the continued support. Click HERE to listen to and download "The Price is Life."

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Apollo's Sun nominated for "MC of the Year" at the 7th Annual 717 Music Awards!

Hey guys, or random web browsing individual! As the post title suggests, I have been nominated for the "MC of the Year" awards at the 7th Annual 717 Music Awards! 717 is the area code in which I am from. In case you weren't aware, I reside in Central Pennsylvania, in the United States. With that said, I need your support in the form of a vote to bring this award home come March 23rd, 2013! You can vote once a week, so I encourage you to check back next week after voting and vote again if you feel inclined to do so :) Here is the link to vote: MC of the Year Voting The votes are cleared out daily, so we never tell who is in the lead overall, unless you count them each day. I prefer to be surprised :) Thank you so much in advance, and we'll see what happens!

If you are interested in attending the award show, here is the official event page: 7th Annual 717 Music Awards