Monday, November 19, 2012

Apollo's Sun to Release First Published Book of Lyrics!

Been a minute, folks. I know. I have a hard time being consistent with things, and even if you may not hear from me for some time, you can rest assure that I am still at it. With that said, I am proud to announce that I will be releasing my first official book in December, right in time for the holiday season. The book is a first hand of my musical travels thusfar. Within its pages, you will find the lyrics for every song from each of my 3 solo albums, along with insight as to why I wrote each song and album. The book is titled "I'm Only Here to Help" and will be limited to a run of only 100 copies, all signed and hand numbered. Below you will find the artwork to the book, which was handled by my good friend Lakota Meyer, and laid out by my other good friend, Ant Beaston ( Pre-orders for "I'm Only Here to Help" are now available under the "Buy Stuff" tab on the website. Get 'em now! Hope you are all well, loving, and learning.