Monday, February 13, 2012

Good evening/early morning, folks! Those of you who follow my musical aspirations may be interested in knowing that my next project titled Falling Becomes Grace will be released for FREE digital download only through on February 29th, 2012. I figured since it is indeed a leap year, it would be a fitting time to drop this little gem of a project. It will feature 10 unreleased songs/remixes or collaborations I've done over the past two years. Do I have more songs than this? Oh yes, my little pudding pops. They will be birthed when it is time. Grace is my gift to you to let you know I'm still at it (not sure if that's a cocky statement or not). This is not an official album. It's an appetizer, minus the gentically modified ingredients so commonly found in our current food supply.

With that said, I'll leave you with the tracklisting for the album. Get excited. Punch your boss, because 2012 will be sucker-free. It can only get better...

Falling Becomes Grace:

1. Not Again (Produced by: Dukes Go Up)
2. Flow With the Current (Prod. by: Infidel Beats)
3. My Drum (Prod. by: Dar-O)
4. Reset w/ WindchILL (Prod. by: Dukes Go Up)
5. Dead Skin (Storm Beats)
6. I'll Never Forget (Prod. by: The Boomjacks)
7. Sometimes (Prod. by: Dar-O)
8. Proverbial Faucet (Prod. by: Tony C.)
9. A Letter to the Unseen Hand (Prod. by: Dukes Go Up)
10. Personal Inventory - Remix (Prod. by: Dukes Go Up)

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